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3rd day of working on the same lyric. A lyric that should be straight-forward. Few words. Simple message.
And yet I can’t get it right.
Yesterday afternoon, long out of patience, I managed to finish it with a fairy tale approach, inspired by a Yeats poem. I was so happy. But in the evening when I attempted to record it, it sounded completely wrong. Like a Sting song from the 90s (no offense). So it’s back to the drawing board this morning.
I hope I don’t end up too angry at this song!

It’s certainly not the first time a lyric has put up a fight. In fact, quite a few of my lyrics have probably felt like somewhat of a compromise when I wrote them. Like, I couldn’t get it quite right. But with time I usually forget and can’t imagine the words any different.

I keep telling myself that OF COURSE I’ll be able to finish this song – and all the other songs that still need some lyric work – in good time for my deadline. But actually, “A New Situation”, back in the day, was recorded for “Count To Ten”. But I couldn’t finish it. Should’ve been simple – but it wasn’t. Came out almost 2 years later.

Helgi is writing string arrangements in the studio.
All is quiet…

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