In the beginning of 2010 Tina received two Robert Awards from the Danish Film Academy for her music for the feature film “Oldboys”.

A couple of days later she performed live with Danish pop comet Medina at the Zulu Awards.

In March she went to Bristol to record a track for the soundtrack for Hollywood blockbuster “Clash Of The Titans” together with Massive Attack sound-smith Neil Davidge. The song is called “The Storm That Brought You To Me”.

The same month she went to Iceland to record the song “Welcome Back Colour” with Helgi Jonsson. It came out in Denmark in June as the first single from the album by the same name and has been a big hit on national radio.

At the beginning of June she played four sold out shows at Danish Radio’s Concert Hall with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra.
One of the concerts was aired live.

In June she performed at the Queen’s 70th Birthday at Århus Stadium.

During the summer she played The Green Tour with full band. The shows were far more energetic and outgoing than before and it was clearly a hint at the upcoming colourful release.

In August she played her biggest solo show to date at the opening of Århus Festival week.

“Welcome Back Colour”, Tina’s 7th album, came out in Germany on September 24th and in Denmark on September 27th.
UK and US releases followed in the beginning of 2011.
The album is mainly a compilation – a mixture of her biggest radio songs, 5 new songs and an extra CD with brand new acoustic recordings of old, new, well known and not so known tracks, as well as duets. 27 tracks in total.

Tina says that after her return to Denmark for the first time in many years she’s had the time and space to think about where she’s been geographically and musically over the past ten hectic years.
And that’s why it feels like the right time to sum up, enjoy the colours of the first chapter of a successful career and at the same time start a new.

In the fall Tina played her so far biggest tours in Germany and Denmark.


In 2009 Tina wrote all the music for the film “Oldboys”.

She spent January in L.A. and February and March in New York where she wrote and recorded most of the film’s score.

In the same period she went to Europe to film the “As Good As Home” ad for Scandinavian Airlines which ran on Danish TV from April on and got all of Tina’s five albums in to the Top 100 at the same time which is a first on the Danish music scene.

As a build-up to the summer’s festivals Tina and the band played a show at Østre Gasværk. Here Tina ended the set with an exclusive performance of four cover songs spanning the first four decades of her life. John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero”, Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”, Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and Pearl Jam’s “Alive”. The latter being the one that changed her life when she was 15.

In June she played “Count To Ten” on the kitschy German TV show Ina’s Nacht with the host Ina Müller on backing vocals. This performance was a great success making ‘Count To Ten’ Tina’s biggest song in Germany.

During the summer Tina kept working on the music she had previously written for “Oldboys”. The result of her efforts became the album “The Road To Gävle”. The album is a significant elobaration of the film’s score.

“The Road To Gävle”, Tina’s 6th album, was released in Denmark on November 30th.

Once again Tina was at The Crown Prince And Princess’s Award ceremony.
This time she was accompanied by the Danish National Chamber Orchestra.

“The Trilogy”, released in Denmark the year before, wasn’t released in the UK, Germany and the US until the beginning of 2009. Tina toured the US and Germany twice during that year, but only performed once in the UK at a sold-out show at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire the day after her 32nd birthday.

In November Tina moved back to Denmark, making Copenhagen her new home, after living nearly 8 years in London.


In January of 2008 Tina and Dennis recorded the second part of “The Trilogy” – “A Detour”. This time at Paradise Park in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.

Immediately afterwards Tina and the band embarked on a major Danish tour in support of “Count To Ten”. This was the first tour with the band in two years. It concluded with a sold-out show in KB Hallen.

Tina performed ‘Sacre Coeur’ solo at the Danish Music Awards and at the Zulu Awards.
“Count To Ten” was nominated in five different categories at the Danish Music Awards, but didn’t win any.

Then followed an extensive period of time on the road: a UK tour, a tour of the western US supporting American musician Bob Schneider, a tour of Germany, and then another US tour – this time under her own name. All of this as a solo performer.
During the middle of this latter US tour Tina went to Canada to support Teitur on four of his shows. This is where she first encountered Helgi Jonsson who at the time was playing with Teitur. Watch a video log here.

During these tours Tina wrote “An Open Ending”, which she and Dennis then recorded in Sauna Studio in Copenhagen over the summer, between playing various festivals. Watch a video log here.
Among others they played the Orange Stage at the Roskilde Festival. This is Tina’s biggest concert to date.

In the spring she recorded her second iTunes Live Session – this time in Berlin.

In September she received The Crown Prince And Princess’s Award which included a gift of 500.000 kroner.
A week later her 5th album, “The Trilogy” or “A Beginning, A Detour, An Open Ending”, was released.

In the fall more US concerts followed along with two major tours of Denmark and the UK.
These shows were the first as a trio with Dennis and Helgi.

Still living in London.


2007 was kicked off with two weeks of band recordings for “Count To Ten”. These recordings took place at Danish Radio’s Studio 3 and was part of the prize from the P3 Award. Tina and Dennis continued the sessions in the familiar surroundings at Feedback Recording and later ‘back home’ at Dennis’ own Aabyroad Studios.

In late July the album was done and on September 3rd it was released in Denmark followed by critical acclaim and rave reviews.

In February Tina recorded John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero” as part of Amnesty International’s global “Make Some Noise” campaign.

In connection with the Skanderborg Festival she received the Polka Verner Scholarship.

In September she made a guest appearance alongside Henrik Hall at The Crown Prince And Princess’s Award ceremony at The Royal Danish Opera.
The next day she performed “Working Class Hero” at an intimate event at Amnesty’s London offices. In the front row were none other than Peter Gabriel and Yoko Ono herself.

Tina performed at a charity event in Bochum, Germany, sharing the stage with such prominent names as Desmond Tutu, Gorbatjov, Santana and Cat Stevens. She also supported Bryan Ferry on a major German tour.

While making “Count To Ten” Tina and Dennis also recorded the EP “A Beginning” which would later become part one of “The Trilogy”. It was available for the first time during four US concerts in June 2007.

Still living in London although traveling most of the year.


In January Tina won the main prize at the P3 Award. The prize was 100.000 kroner and two weeks in one of Danish Radio’s studios.
At the award show Tina and the band performed “Nobody’s Man”.

“In The Red” marked Tina’s international debut in both the UK and the US. Following the albums release she embarked on a UK and US tour.

During the tour Tina recorded an iTunes Live Session in San Francisco without the band. This was released in July 2006.

In the middle of her US tour Tina went to Denmark to attend the Danish Music Awards where she won the award for ‘Female Artist of the Year’. Here she also performed “Warm Sand”.

In the spring Tina went on her Danish tour entitled “Alone”, though she was not completely alone as Dennis joined her on-stage for the second half of the set.
One of the four concerts at Copenhagen Jazzhouse was recorded and released as part of the Special Edition of “In The Red”.

During the summer she played The Green Tour a second time and among other things had her debut at Tivoli’s Open Air stage.

In the fall Tina signed a license agreement with Universal Music Germany resulting in the release of “In The Red” in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Among other things the German radio-festival New Pop helped fuel the release.

Tina went on another two solo tours in the UK and the US, and a band tour in Germany and Denmark.
One of the shows, played at Vega in Copenhagen, ended up on the “Live In The Red” DVD.

Tina co-wrote some songs for the German film “Nichts als Gespenster”.
One of them, “Lost And Found”, can be heard during the end titles.

Most of the material for “Count To Ten” was written on the road during 2006.

Still living in London.


A couple of months into 2005 “In The Red” was done. Around the same time Sony and BMG merged into SonyBMG and one of their first actions was to ‘drop’ Tina from her contract. Fortunately enough she was able to take the album with her.
She spent spring preparing the release of the album by herself. When it landed in July it was met with mixed reviews, but great commercial success. On P3 “Nobody’s Man” became ‘This Week’s Inevitable’ and “Warm Sand” went into hot rotation.

During the spring Tina and the boys took a trip to the US to play at a fashionable event hosted by Volvo on Times Square, New York. They also played at the jazz club Joe’s Pub and at King King Club in L.A.

In the fall several concerts followed both in Denmark and abroad, among others supporting A-ha in the UK and playing two shows in Russia. As a part of P3’s “Homecoming”-series Tina played two concerts with Norwegian singer Sondre Lerche at Tina’s old public school in Åbyhøj.
The concert aired on P3.

Tina and the band played their first Skanderborg Festival and also performed at Ridehuset in Århus at Spot 06.

Tina bought an apartment in London early 2005 in the atmospheric area around Notting Hill.


At the beginning of 2004 Tina won both the critics award The Steppe Wolf as ‘Composer of the Year’ and her first Danish Music Award as ‘Songwriter of the Year’. Both awards were given for the album “Notes”.

In February Zero 7’s album When It Falls was released, featuring the tracks “Home” and “The Space Between”. “Home” appeared as the first single.

In March they embarked on a long tour playing the biggest venues in the UK, around Europe and the US. The tour ended in L.A. playing two sold-out shows at the John Anson Ford Theatre and a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
On stage was, among others, Sia Furler, now one of pop music’s biggest names.

Tina continued on a small US tour of her own – her very first in the US. During this tour she performed on the popular Santa Monica-based radio show Morning Becomes Eclectic on KCRW.

Zero 7 played several European festivals that summer including Glastonbury and Roskilde Festival.
Immediately after Zero 7’s performance Tina played under her own name at the Pavillion stage.
After the concert she and Jonathan Morley met to sign a major record deal with Sony UK. A deal only made possible after long and tough negotiations.

That summer Tina also played The Green Tour for the first time. This was in the “Notes” line-up with Dennis, Martin and Karoline.

2004 also marked the year when Tina recorded her version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”. The song was recorded as a duet with Steffen Brandt and intended for the album “On Danish Lips” comprised solely of Cohen-songs translated into Danish.
All the artists represented on the album performed live at Vega, Copenhagen, in September.
The concert was filmed and later released as a DVD.

Tina also released the EP ‘Far’ to have something to show Zero 7 fans around the world.

In the fall Tina and Dennis recorded the demo’s for “In The Red” in Århus. This was done in preparation for handing off the record to producer Chris Potter.
This marks the first and only time Tina ever worked with an ‘outside’ producer.
All other records have been made in collaboration with Dennis Ahlgren and / or Helgi Jónsson.

During the fall Tina also embarked on a Canadian and US tour as support for Teitur.

The recordings for “In The Red” began in December at Metropolis Studios in London.


In June 2003, Tina and Dennis recorded “Notes” over a period of just a few days. As was the case with “Fuel”, “Notes” was recorded in Feedback Recording in Viby, Århus. They were joined by Martin Sommer and Karoline Kier.

Notes wasn’t meant to be a regular album, but more of an interlude to tide over the fans until the release of the next ‘real’ album. It didn’t even have a set release date and was only available at the larger retail stores, and only because Tina had personally asked them, if they would buy ‘a few boxes’.

Big was the surprise when the album suddenly received top marks from every newspaper, and the interest from the media and the record buyers went through the roof.

Only three post-album shows were played this year: Århus (Voxhall), Copenhagen (Jazzhouse) and Fredericia.

Tina made her first guest appearance with TV-2 in September at Århus University’s 75th Anniversary.

This year Tina also began collaborating with British producer duo Zero 7. Sam Hardaker and Henry Binns had heard a couple of her demo’s and dropped by one of her many performances at the now-defunct Kashmir Club in London. Together they wrote and recorded the tracks “Home” and “The Space Between” for Zero 7’s follow-up to their 2002 debut “Simple Things”.

Tina had her song “Send My Best” on Australian singer Holly Valance’s debut album –  a big album that year because of the summer hit “Kiss Kiss”.


In January the publishing contract with KobAlt was signed during the MIDEM fair in Cannes. On the recommendations of both Jonathan and KobAlt, Tina moved to London the very next month.

In London she paired up with several different songwriters in an attempt to write material that was more radio friendly and could be used for an international debut. A few of the artists were: Norwegian producer and songwriter Mads Hauge (“Break Of Day” and “Warm Sand”), British producers ‘Eg’ White (“Give In” and “Use Me”) and Dave McCracken (“Losing”). She also had co-writing sessions with, among others, Nik Kershaw, Phil Thornally (one of the songwriters on “Torn”) and several others.
A whole slew of songs came out of these sessions, but none were songs Tina much wanted to sing. A few of them were sung by other artists – Lulu sang “Sentimental Heart”, and the Irish girl group Bellefire did “Spin The Wheel”.

In late summer Tina played the first couple of duo-concerts with Steffen Brandt at the Bornholm Culture Festival.

In October Tina opened for Jonatha Brooke at her two shows in Århus and Copenhagen. Incidentally, Jonatha later opened for Tina at her 2009 concert in The Fynske Village, Odense.

The first demo of “Break Of Day” was used in an American tv-series that year.

Outside her co-writing sessions, Tina was very productive on her own. The bulk of the material for Notes was written while she lived in Richmond and later at Tenter Ground on Brick Lane in East London in 2002.
Songs like “Room With A View”, “Poetess’ Play”, “Let’s Get Lost”, “Undone” and “Tenter Ground No. 5″ were all born during this period.


The recordings for “Fuel” continued in January at Superstar Studios in Copenhagen. Only Tina and Dennis were present with the occasional visitor.

The album was released in April 2001. Due to the vast amount of concerts played in the years prior to the release, only a handful of concerts were played in support of the album.

Tina played at the opening of the Spot Festival that spring. In the audience was Jonathan Morley who would later go on to become her manager.

That summer Tina went to London for the first time, bringing nothing but her guitar and the intention of meeting music industry people and musicians, and to book as many shows as possible. She also met with Jonathan Morley and they agreed to work together. She returned to London several times during the fall to play showcases and meet industry types. By the end of the year a contract with Kobalt Music Publishing was negotiated. A partner she has kept ever since.

During the year Tina played at the Grey Hall at Christiania in Copenhagen in celebration of Bob Dylan’s 60th birthday, and at the 25th Anniversary of the Music Act in Kerteminde. At both events she met Steffen Brandt, one of the grand-old-men of Danish popular music.
In December they played together for the first time when Steffen joined her on stage at a concert at Train in Århus.


In January the band was paired with American singer Sandy Dillon as part of the Scandinavian Venue tour that had them play concerts at Vega in Copenhagen, and in Norway and Sweden.

By the end of the year correspondence with some of the larger record labels were going nowhere.
Not wanting to wait any longer, Tina set up her own record label, Finest Gramophone, and began recording her debut album.

Recording started in December at Feedback Recording in Viby, just outside hometown Århus.


After the success of “Your Waste Of Time” quite a few contacts were made with various large record labels. Then followed many, for the most part, fruitless negotiations. The rest of the year was spent doing an acoustic tour around Denmark and playing with the band in Århus and Copenhagen.

A single containing the tracks “26 Friends” and “Different” was recorded as a lead-in to the bands performance at the then annual ‘Venue’ tour.

The main focus the rest of the year was studying at The Royal Academy of Music and writing songs.


After going through many different stages, in 1998 a band formed around Tina Dico and started playing her music and her songs.

Back then it was Dennis Ahlgren on guitar, Kristian Kold on bass, (both still part of Tina’s live band) Janus Nevel Ringsted on drums and Martin Sommer on keyboards, and on backing vocals were Camilla Dayyani and Rune Wehner on guitar. Rune later became part of Spleen United.

The first performance by the band as ‘Tina Dico’ was at a talent competition on a Danish teen show called Puls. They performed “Change Your Mind”, a song actually written by former keyboard player Johan Dalgaard.

Tina Dico and band won the competition and shortly after, at the bands debut concert at Glazzhuset in Århus, a large crowd had turned up.

That week they also participated in the then legendary Århus competition “We’ve got the stage, have you got the music?”, and once again they won. The prize was the recording and release of a single. In December this single was released containing the tracks “Your Waste Of Time” and “My Mirror”.

“Your Waste Of Time” became P3’s ‘This Week’s Inevitable’. The band continued to play a few concerts throughout the year, among them The Danish Rock Council’s Spot Festival. With every concert the crowd grew in numbers.

During the first half of 1998 Tina took Religious Studies at the University of Århus. At the same time she had also applied for The Royal Academy of Music in Århus and had been accepted.