Count To Ten

Released 03 September 2007
Recorded at Danmarks Radio, Feedback and Aabyroad Studios, 2007
Produced together with Dennis Ahlgren


“Coun To Ten” is my fourth album. Released in Denmark on September 3rd 2007.
This time I went back to producing the album myself with Dennis Ahlgren as co-producer.
It was a far more introspective ‘ego’ project than ever before – and I mean that in the best possible sense. Just the freedom to record without all those smart-ass industry types on the sidelines serving up too many opinions on what makes good music.

I’d won 10 days studio time in Danish Radio’s Studio 3 as part of the P3 Award, so naturally we began recording here.
We started out laying down drums, bass, some keyboards, a bit of acoustic guitar and vocals. Unfortunately, my voice wasn’t on the top of its game, so we wound up recording a lot of stuff that we didn’t actually use. It happens, sometimes.
After we had spent our 10 days at DR, Dennis and I packed up all the recordings and went to Feedback Studios in Århus where we continued fiddling with it. We recorded a bunch of guitars, keyboards, sounds, strings and kept doing vocals, eventhough I still had trouble with my voice which only seemed to worsen.

After nine days we realised there were some fundamental things we had to take another look at. We hadn’t practised more than a couple of days before we had gone into the studio. We hadn’t quite ‘found’ each other during that process.

We decided to re-record a lot of the tracks from scratch. In the mean time, however, our regular drummer Janus had fractured his hand. Now we had to look for some new blood.
At this time, I was getting rather worn out and nervous about whether or not we would get things under control. Had I bitten off more than I could chew? Had I made a mistake not getting an ‘adult’ attached to make the big decisions?

Doubts aside, we pressed on. After a few weeks off to think and write, I returned to Århus from London. We started re-recording the bass and drums and this time we had some clearer guidelines on how to proceed.

Afterwards, Dennis and I went to our own studio in Åbyhøj. We did guitars, keyboards, piano, vocals (back in full force), backing vocals, wind-section and all kinds of other stuff. On 7th of May we had what felt like a finished album. The process of getting to that point was a longer and more winding road than I can explain: The rewrites, the desperate struggles to finish songs that didn’t want to be finished and several re-recordings in the process…

I took the recordings back to London to Kensal Town Studios, not far from where I lived, where they were mixed by George Tandero, a very talented 27-year-old Norwegian. I met him through Teitur whose album “Stay Under The Stars” he had also mixed.
Finally, we mastered at Metropolis with the same guy who mastered “In The Red”.
Then BOOM! – a new album was born. An album that felt like the ultimate test. Dennis and I had been completely on our own and we had proven that we could pull it off!