Released 03 April 2001
Recorded at Feedback Recording and Superstar Studio, 2000/2001
Produced together with Dennis Ahlgren


My debut album from April 2001.
Recorded with the same musicians I play with today, and once again with Dennis and me producing – this time for the very first time.
This was a hard album to make because I was far more nervous and insecure about everything back then.

But it was a good start!
I had made my own record company to release “Fuel” and to get my career going in spite of the larger record companies holding back. It was a huge project to undertake and a crazy learning process, as well. I handled all the practical stuff as well as all the press work.
It’s really not that cool being the one who calls up and says, “Hey, I made an album! Don’t you want to write about me?”…

But, as I said, it was an amazing learning process and it gave me some good insights as to how these things work.
The reception of the album was really nice, even though it didn’t quite live up to expectations. Most debuting artists tend to think that the world will stop and change into a fireworks display of epic proportions the day their first album is released. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case!