In The Red

Released 25 July 2005
Recorded at Metropolis, 2004/2005
Produced together with Chris Potter


“In The Red” is my third album. Released in Denmark on July 25th 2005.
We recorded in Metropolis Studios in London with producer Chris Potter, best known for his work on The Verve’s “Urban Hymns”.
The old gang from “Fuel” played on the album. It contains 8 new tracks and 3 re-recorded tracks from the first two records.
At the time of recording, I was signed to Sony UK, but after Sony’s merger with BMG I was “dropped”, as they say.
I got to take the album with me, though, free of charge. That’s not the worst thing that could happen to you when you own your own record label, right?
I released it on my own label in Denmark and the UK, and on license agreement with Defend Music in the US. I signed off the rest of the world to be handled by Universal Germany. This was done under a license agreement which means they can’t interfere with the creative process.