Welcome Back Colour

Released 27 September 2010
Recorded at Aabyroad, Feedback, Paradise Park, Medley, Sauna, Baby Factory, Safe And Sound, Metropolis, Greenhouse and Seltjarnarnes, 2000-2010
Produced together with Dennis Ahlgren, Chris Potter, Helgi Jonsson


“Welcome Back Colour”, my 7th studio album, is a compilation, but a somewhat expanded one at that – both musically and thematically.
It was important for me to do a compilation that not only is a revelry in the past, but also points forward.
In many ways these years mark a new chapter in my life and my career and I wanted to have the album reflect that, though this is only the beginning of the “new” – whatever that might be!

Colourful, I’m sure!

“Welcome Back Colour” consists of 27 tracks divided onto two discs:

“Welcome UP” is uptempo. 11 of my most popular songs in their original recordings + 3 new radio-friendly songs, including the title track, which has hit big on the radio.

“Welcome DOWN” is all-acoustic. 13 brand-new recordings of some of my most well-known songs, a few lesser-known and 3 completely new tracks, among them my tribute to “Copenhagen”.