I’ve released 10 albums since 2001 and in my mind they actually belong together two and two:

‘Fuel’ and ‘Notes’ I see as my “beginner’s albums”.

‘In The Red’ and ‘Count To Ten’ were two much more poppy releases. This was my entrance on the international scene and gave me my break-through in Denmark and Germany.

‘The Trilogy’ and ‘The Road To Gävle’ that followed soon after were two more experimental albums.

Then I was retrospective for a few years with ‘Welcome Back Colour’ (a kind of ‘Best Of… with five new songs) and the live album ‘True North’ featuring Danish Radio’s Chamber Orchestra, which also contained a DVD.

And since then I’ve moved to Iceland and made my probably most “grown-up” albums, ‘Where Do You Go…?’ og ‘Whispers’.