tina dico

Here a video to the song ‘SLOW’. Both song and video is a collaboration with Helgi Jonsson.

I wrote the song, he performs it.

He filmed the video, I edited it.

I’m joining Helgi at his concerts in Germany in September – check dates HERE.

Here’s a handful of chord videos if you want to learn to play

some of my most well-known songs on guitar

My first visit to Ina's Nacht and other clips

Here’s the official video for ‘Spark’

Get behind the scenes in this video from the road

Social media

There’s nothing better than to feel that you music lovers are out there and to be able to share a bit more than just the music with you. I use Facebook a lot, to share news, videos and events, and Instagram is more just for fun and coziness. You can subscribe to YouTube if you wanna be the first to watch my videos but of course, if you’re in Germany, that won’t work…

The music is on all digital platforms. Sign up on Spotify for instance if you wanna be notified about new music, playlists and such.

I’ll see you “out there”…

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